Access to RDC Onsite Contact

We partner with our clients to achieve promising results for patients

Our mission is to help our clients bring to patients innovative therapies that can transform their lives

We navigate with confidence and deep therapeutic knowledge

Our multi-specialty MDs are the backbone of every trial conducted, they bring deep therapeutic expertise

We constantly work on the ground with the clinical sites

Our team is energetic, client-oriented, and deeply knowledgeable in executing clinical trials

Full-service clinical research organisation

Founded in 2001, Pivotal is a leading full-services CRO offering services to the healthcare industry across Europe. We take on the immense challenges for supporting cutting-edge clinical development programmes with IMPs, medical devices, diagnostics and nutrition products.

Our clients enjoy the benefits of senior management hands-on environment, operational teams working on the ground with the clinical sites, deep therapeutic expertise and cost-effective deliverables. We share our clients objectives and deliver a solid programme to achieve promising results.